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About UPFM

Back at 2002 the University of Patras decided to create a Radio Station to sate the need of the institute to be heard to a wider audience through the radio frequencies. A need that was immediate and prompt

The University planned to create a different station that consists of quality shows, cultural references, news of the region and the teaching and student community, as well as shows that made important topics such as environment and health, accessible to a wider audience.

The idea was incarnated a year later, at the 10th of June of 2003. It was that day that the University of Patras radio station with the name UP FM inspired by the initials of the institute, started broadcasting for two hours every day from its own studio at the deanship building. In the beginning, the station did not have its own frequency, borrowing the three ones that the Greek Radio of Patras (ERA Patras) had at that time, at 92,5 -89,9 – 93,9 MHz. These three frequencies covered the whole western part of Greece. This cooperation has been revitalized in the beginning of 2016 under tremendously good circumstances.

At the 24th of 2004 the station’s website was brought online at and . This allowed the direct and continuous communication between the producers and their fan base. At the same time the appropriate equipment was bought, allowing the receiving of sms texts sent by mobile phones using the number 54160.

UPFM stopped broadcasting for a brief period of time through the 2005-2006 period, but returned on air on the 12th of November 2007. Two year later, on 2009, UPFM is upgraded once more. This time the equipment bought allowed the playback of vinyl records and the receiving of phone calls, leading to some very interesting and successful phone interviews through the following years. But this was only the beginning as a spot for a 4th music producer was created and the studio console was expanded, while the PCs of the station got some important boosts too. Those improvements allow the station to broadcast 24/7 through its website . After those upgrades, the stations website also got a rework, in order to cope with the new needs that occurred. Last but not least, at that time, msn messenger communication was installed, allowing the listeners to contact the producers through the address .

Sometime in June of 2013 the government decided to shut down the Greek Radio and Television (ERT) and UPFM stayed briefly without FM frequencies but kept broadcasting through the internet. After a short period of time, a cooperation with another radio station Dytikos 103.7 started and UPFM had 3 hours of radio broadcasting during that time. That cooperation did not last for long, but fortunately Imera FM 90.4 came into the picture and offered a 24/7 broadcasting through its frequencies, starting a new a successful era for UPFM. That particular deal stands until today.

Having established a steady presence on the FM frequencies, the station starts getting more and more listeners and fans, while the team of the producers, keeps building links with artists from Patras and the rest of the country. On 2015 the station does its first outdoors broadcasts, covering events on the University campus, concerts, lectures and almost every aspect of cultural events.

The producers of UPFM are mostly students and workers of the University of Patras. Every year, on spring, applications open up and the producers of the next year are chosen.

UPFM has its own cultural team that has the purpose to share the cultural, educational and research activities of the University’s community and in general all the important actions of the University of Patras, with the people living in the western part of Greece.